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What you Need to Know for a Safe Return to In-School Learning

Frank J. Hubbard Middle School is proud to inform our community that as of 30-June-2018 we are no longer a Priority status school or under state monitoring outside the standard norm. Thanks in large part to the hard work and commitment of our practitioners, scholars, and support staff in making significant strides on all the metrics by which the state determines a school’s status. Frank J. Hubbard Middle School is located in the southwest section of the City of Plainfield, surrounded by the Van Wyck historic district. Hubbard has a rich history in the city serving its residents as an educational center for over nine decades. Hubbard Middle School (HMS) serves scholars in grades six through eight. It is currently home to an ethnically diverse population of over 700 scholars, and an equally diverse faculty and staff of 85 members entrusted with providing sound and rigorous academic instruction while supporting our scholars’ social and emotional development. The ratio of scholars to practitioners is approximately 25:1 and all instructional staff members are highly qualified in their subject area.

As a school, Hubbard Middle School’s core instructional delivery (Math, Literacy, Science & Social Studies) is guided by the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. Classroom practitioners employ research-based and multiple instructional strategies to engage our diverse population of scholars. During the course of the academic year, our scholars cycle through elective offerings in World Languages (Spanish), Art, Technology/Media, Vocal/Choral Music, Band/Instrumental Music, Finance, and Dance. To enhance the quality of instructional engagement and delivery, each classroom has a Promethean board; scholars have 1:1 IPads, multiple desktop computers to support the work of both scholars and practitioners. HMS scholars and practitioners have access to the Betty Quinn Media Center to secure additional resources for instruction/research and a computer lab to facilitate special projects throughout the academic year. Hubbard Middle School’s practitioners utilize the Discovery web–based platform as a primary resource for Math, Science, and Social Studies, LinkIt platform Literably (ELA), Newela (ELA/SS), CMP Math IXL, TenMark (Math), and Vocabulary.com (all contents) as instructional and supplemental tools to support differentiating the learning experiences of our scholars.

To meet our college and career readiness and to broaden the learning lens of our scholars, Hubbard Middle School on a monthly basis will expose our scholars to various career fields through its “Executive Sessions.” Additionally, HMS will continue its collaborative working relationships with Rutgers University, Kean University, and NJEA Priority Schools Initiative to support our practitioners’ instructional practices, and forge new partnerships during the course of the year to enhance our community outreach.As a school, Hubbard Middle School continues to show significant increase in its scholars’ growth percentile over a five-year period (SY 2012–2013 through SY2016–2017»results of SY17-18 pending). Our growth has been significant and consistent enough to warrant removal from state monitoring. Our new goal as a declassified Priority school is to set a course toward becoming a Blue Ribbon school; however, to achieve this will require the continued support, cooperation, collaboration and commitment of our parents, scholars, faculty, administration, the district board, and the Hubbard community at large. Our motto for this academic year is “Forward Ever, Backwards Never – Prepared, Productive and Proud.” So join us in continuing to making history together for Hubbard and the Queen City.


Hubbard’s  mission  is to inspire all faculty and scholars to foster meaningful relationships where accountability, collaboration, equity,  and  respect are at the forefront of our journey towards excellence. 


High attitude determines your altitude.
Aspiring to grow ignites change.
Willingness to learn is a superpower.
Kindness before judgement, fosters relationships.
Supporting our community, strengthens our  mission.
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Common symptoms of COVID19
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